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Coronado Blue Moon

One of the best spots to watch the full moon rise in Coronado is on the San Diego Bay side of the Coronado Golf Course. The moon rises in the East slowly claiming the bay, the bridge and the city as its own.

Last Friday was a Blue Moon – the second full month of the month. Blue Moons are rare, so rare that this was the last one for another three years.

So of course we headed down to the golf course, chairs and camera in hand.

This video shows shots of the moon rising. I particularly like seeing the moonlight glow on the water become more and more pronounced.

We weren’t alone in our admiration of Grandfather Moon – check out the two sail boats gliding through the moon beams.

The Coronado Cookie

PS Did you hear that the Will Ferris Charity golf tournament was that day? Yes, we did get to see him in action up close and personal as he led the auction on the outside patio. AND we were treated to a mini concert after the auction as we watched the moon rise 😉

Another Coronado Bridge Suicide Attempt

The Coronado Bridge from the Coronado Golf Course

Even as I posted Coronado Bridge Desperation, there was yet another anguished person making their way towards the bridge.

This suicide attempt was heavily reported in the news since the bridge was closed in both directions for almost six hours as negotiators talked to a distraught young man.

Not knowing anything about what was going on, I was startled to see a steady stream of cars going in either direction on Glorietta Blvd when I walked down to the Coronado Golf Course to meet friends.

As I got closer, I saw the red lights of the police cars at the end of the boulevard and realized that cars were being diverted. From the golf course, I looked upon an empty bridge. It is an eerie sight to see the bridge empty of cars in the light of day.

In the clubhouse, there was a lot of talk about the suicide attempt. Many golfers had seen the bridge being closed, the helicopter circling and all of the police activity. There were already reports that the person had skate boarded onto the bridge.

As darkness fell on the first day of summer, the lights from the Harbor Patrol boats flashed and reflected off the water on either side of the bridge.

We left before the bridge re-opened and didn’t find out until morning that the young man was quietly taken into custody at 11:50 pm and cars once again flowed across the bridge.

You can read about the incident in the news report Coronado Bridge standoff ends with surrender.

Coronado Bridge Desperation

Coronado Bridge

With the rise of social media and the technological progress of cell phones, news that would otherwise go untold is broadcast across the Internet instantaneously.

As we’ve discussed in the past, only attempted suicides by jumping off of the Coronado Bridge are officially reported. When people do actually jump to their deaths, no report is given to the public.

Sadly, we had one of each yesterday…

In the early morning hours, a man was seen contemplating jumping off of the bridge. After several hours of talking with a negotiator, he was quietly taken into custody and “saved”.

Later that day, a woman followed in his footsteps, only she was successful in her attempt. This may or may not have been told to the public but for a Coronado resident who witnessed the jump and spread his experience over the web. It was also later reported that her body was found floating in the bay.

It makes me wonder just how many suicides the bridge experiences each year. And are they are the rise?

What we have seen is that this act has no boundaries – it happens with people of all ages, it has no gender preference, or any other preferences that are clear. It is purely an act of desperate people.

Desperate people that leave devastated loved ones behind questioning, agonizing, filled in many cased with the guilt of “What if… or If only…”

I have lived in Coronado for over 14 years now and one of the many things I love about it is the sense of community and if you look beyond all of the tourists, its small town feel.

The suicide of a member of this community is jarring. Are we as a community missing something or have we lost something that we have so many members of our community wanting to end their lives?

I look at the bridge as a thing of beauty whether gazing at it from land or crossing it looking at Coronado nestled between the ocean and the bay with Pt. Loma standing guard. It is hard for me to think that so many think of it as an instrument of death.

Our thoughts, prayers and healing energy go out to those who have lost a loved one by their jumping off of the bridge.

Coronado Bridge Traffic

Unless you commute across the Coronado Bridge regularly, you may not realize how many traffic issues there are due to accidents. Even though I work primarily from home, I get out enough to have seen a number of accidents on the bridge myself.

Coronado Bridge

The other day, we were driving back into Coronado from downtown and could see from the surface street below the bridge on-ramp that there was something going on.

“How long do you think it will take us to get across the bridge?” Bob asked.

“I’m not sure. I can’t tell which side the problem is on.”

Both West bound and East bound lanes looked clogged from our vantage point. As we merged onto the bridge it was quickly apparent what had happened. The East bound lanes were stopped because of a multi vehicle accident including a motor cycle down on its side – always a heart stopper.

The West bound lanes were moving slowly because of bottle-necking due to rubber-necking. (A very East Coast term used frequently during the rush hour traffic reports).

A couple of days later, I was leaving the island to go to a client’s office and the traffic going across the bridge was heavy and so the going was slow. All of a sudden a guy on a motor cycle comes up fast, weaving in and out of the two out going lanes, narrowly missing rear-ending a lumbering truck.

Obviously I don’t have a radar gun, but he looked to be traveling at a speed of at least 70mph – in a 50pmh zone, in heavy traffic, in and out of lanes.

And you wonder why there are accidents…and some that include serious injuries and fatalities.

I’m not singling out motor cycles – cars frequently speed across the bridge changing lanes rapidly cutting other vehicles off. When I see them coming up fast in my rear view mirror, I say a little prayer and try to stay out of their way.

I guess I’m glad that I don’t commute every day – the bridge can be a dangerous place.

To all using the Coronado Bridge – slow down and have a safe crossing!

The Coronado Cookie