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Coronado Holiday Lights
Coronado Christmas

It seems like we were just celebrating the 4th of July and yet the holidays are upon us and Coronado is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

As I walked to the Coronado Library early last evening, the lights on the trees on the medians along Orange Avenue twinkled gaily in the dusk. It is a magical feeling to stand and look either way on this busy street and see colored lights adorning every tree.

The lights make them stand out and they are more recognizable as individual trees. Lit against a dark sky, you can really see the shape of each tree. Like people, they come in all different shapes and sizes. There are tall skinny ones, short stout ones, slightly hunched ones and really big burly ones.

As I walk along and remember each tree for its unique form, it is like reconnecting to old friends. And isn’t remembering and reconnecting with family and friends one of the best things about the holidays?

My Best,

The Coronado Cookie

P.S. Come see the trees for yourself this Friday during the 35th Annual Coronado Christmas Parade. Santa Claus is coming to town!

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  1. Great information. It’s really useful. Thanks

  2. Hi ‘Cookie’, found your site from Debra Conrad’s blog. Being a Florida gal, I LOVE your beach header. I enjoyed reading your holiday lights post, but I would LOVED to have seen a evening photo showing the Christmas lights rather than the tree graphic. Or, take it one step further and pull our your Flip camera for a ‘twinkling’ video to share with us. I’m really impressed by how many ‘Coronado related’ categories you’ve been able to find to write about – such great ideas for any city or community and really and a good lesson for all of us. Keep up the good work!

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