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Coronado Home Front Judging Results
Coronado Best Home Front ~ 1124 F Avenue

Coronado Best Home Front ~ 1124 F Avenue

The results of the Coronado Home Front judging by the Coronado Floral Association were published in the Coronado Eagle the week of the Coronado Flower Show.

This year, the judging team consisted of 93 volunteers. After looking at and judging single-family residences throughout Coronado and the Cays, they awarded more than 2,900 ribbons.

Blue ribbons were awarded for First Prize, Red ribbons for Second Prize, Yellow ribbons for Third Prize and White ribbons for Honorable Mention.

There were extra ribbons awarded in Coronado Village for the Best Home Front, the First Runner Up and the Top Ten Home Fronts.

As promised, I went and took pictures of the recipients of these additional ribbons. Come watch a short video of these Coronado Home Front Winners.

If you didn’t get a chance to see them during last weekend’s Flower Show, here is a list of the addresses so you can enjoy a drive around Coronado to view these spectacular home fronts:

Best Home Front ~ 1124 F Avenue
First Runner Up ~ 445 Pomona Avenue
Top Ten Home Fronts ~ 1704 Visalia, 340 B Avenue, 130 Alder Avenue, 420 9th Street, 1026 G Avenue, 578 B Avenue, 611 A Avenue, 535 C Avenue, 1037 Star Park Circle, 766 A Avenue

Also,  the 800 block of  Glorietta Blvd was voted the Best Block.

Congratulations and a big thank you to all of the homeowners of Coronado who contribute to the beauty of Coronado! And to the Coronado Floral Association and its volunteers for all that they did to make this years Home Front Judging and Flower Show a success.

Coronado Home Front Judging 1st Runner Up ~ 445 Pomona Ave

Coronado Home Front Judging 1st Runner Up ~ 445 Pomona Ave

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